The Canterbury Ghost Tour

Join the infamous Canterbury Ghost Hunter on a 90 minute tour of Canterbury's dark side with an entertaining blend of history, humour and haunting. Follow the award winning Ghost Hunter, author and local historian, John Hippisley, as he leads you through the streets of Canterbury on a unique tour that is spooky, historical and delightfully humorous.

  • What horrifying tragedy befell a mother & her children in a local tearoom?
  • Why you shouldn't fool with a Ouija board?
  • What do the Canterbury Cathedral guards often encounter on their nightly checks?

Discover the answers to these curious questions and much more as your ghostly guide takes you on a haunting tour of historic Canterbury that promises to be one of the most unique experiences you will ever enjoy as we celebrate our 25th year!

About the tour

This highly popular walking tour of Canterbury tells the stories few hear, from the curious tale of the man who beat his wife but was paid back with justice, to the story about the children found within what is now Tiny Tims Tea Rooms or the haunting tales of what security guards report seeing at Canterbury Cathedral.

Discover the haunting charm of this historic medieval city as your guide dressed for the occasion in top hat and flowing cloak guides you at a leisurely pace through the dark street. Suitable for families and children but be fearful because if you truly wish for the ghost hunter, he will bid you to join him!

The Canterbury Ghost Tour was established in 1995 by John Hippisley, a prominent local historian, author and renowned local Ghost Hunter. John saw his first ghost when he was thirteen years old at school in nearby Goudhurst. Following several sightings soon afterward and 30 years of research later, he decided Canterbury was the ideal location to conduct his ghost tours, with its rich historical background which can be traced back to pre-Roman times and the infamous murder of Thomas Becket on 29th December 1170. Canterbury is a rich and vibrant city which welcomes visitors from all parts of the world.

John puts the success and longevity of his tour down to keeping his guests entertained, educated and suitably spooked at the same time. The Canterbury Ghost Tour has literally seen thousands of visitors in the last twenty years and constantly earns superb reviews and awards. The Ghost Tour normally operates all year round except for public holidays.

Celebrating 25 years of Ghost Tours - Trip Advisor Award Winners 2013-2018

Evening Tours

The Canterbury Ghost Tours run every Friday and Saturday night, unless you have booked in advance and requested a different day.

You can turn up on the night without booking and pay before we embark on the tour or book and pay in advance using our online booking system. The tour lasts approximately one hour although this is flexible and we often overrun because everybody is having so much fun that we simply lose track of time. Ghosts don't use watches so neither do we!

The tour starts at 8pm, we meet outside ALBERRYS WINE BAR in St Margarets Street, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2TY. We then proceed on our way for a ghostly tour of the historic buildings and their haunted history. The tour is based on the personal experiences of the Ghosthunter, John Hippisley, over the past 25 years and draws on the some of the information available in his book, Haunted Canterbury.

  • Adults - £10.00
  • Concessions - £8.50
  • Children - £8.50

Our reviews

  • Toin - September, 2018

    The hidden city of Canterbury is a very interesting tour. John succeeds well in striking the right balance between providing information and humor. Things you would never notice yourself in the city center is revealed by John in a very entertaining manner. The two hours pass in a breeze.

  • Darlene - September, 2018

    If you're looking for a local tour guide as we were John Hippisley is your "go too" guy. We had been visiting Canterbury from the U.S. for 1 week before we contacted John. That was a big mistake. What we learned from John on his tour we could have enjoyed throughout the entire week we were there. His knowledge of the city's history combined with his British humor made for a very entertaining and informative afternoon. If your in the market for an education and having a good time while getting it we highly recommend this jolly fellow. Patrick & Darlene, Nevada, USA

  • Discolew - Jul 2018 - Funny and informative!

    An upbeat and very interesting ghost tour! It unravels some seriously gruesome facts that lie beneath the beauty of the city. John's knowledge is amazing and I will definitely be booking on one of his other tours next time I visit. This is definitely a must do for Canterbury visitors!

  • Janette - September, 2018

    I spent two informative hours with John. He shared his stories of Canterbury's history, peppering it with (Website hidden by Airbnb) about the origin of many of our English 'sayings', eg 'knock on wood'. Very worthwhile and friendly tour which included not only the outside of buildings but occasionally the history within. Thank you John

  • Stacey, Kent - Interesting!

    This was my first ghost tour and I went with my husband to celebrate our anniversary. It was just ourselves and John but he was fun and informative and his knowledge was incredible. We went on an evening tour of Canterbury and I would like to have gone in the buildings for a proper nose and perhaps experience some ghostly encounters but obviously they were closed. Would definitely recommend to others, thank you for the experience.ur regular trips we book an obligatory ghost tour. This was one of the best. We had a great fun tour with John. We all enjoyed it and laughed and laughed. He was very entertaining for us as a group of 12 adults although some might take umbridge as it’s sometimes near the ‘knuckle’ -but comedians often are. (But I believe he adapts the dialogue according to who’s in the group).He also kindly arranged a restaurant for a meal after the tour. - A great fun experience.

Haunted Canterbury by John Hippisley

Order now for just £9.99 + £3.50 p&p

This compilation of ghostly legends and spooky tales paints a vivid portrait of Canterbury, a medieval city steeped in paranormal activity. The reader is treated to a tour of churches, pubs, theatres and castles as the author, a renowned ghost hunter, presents a captivating image of the darker side of this Ancient World Heritage site. From the story of a tower haunted by a former Archbishop of Canterbury to various accounts of child ghosts, including one spotted by Charles Dickens, Haunted Canterbury is a chilling collection that promises to fascinate anyone with an interest in the supernatural or the local history of this area.

The Ghost Hunter will also personally sign and dedicate your copy of Haunted Canterbury if you order directly using PayPal. Please email after placing your order with the details of your dedication request. Please read our Delivery Policy before purchasing. Haunted Ghosts is available from or order direct by calling The Canterbury Tours on our main number.